Happy Hours

With the Happy Mix, it presents the new line of tasty Snack Baked, protagonists of each drink and happy hour.

A Mix of Mozzarella in Carrozza, Olive all’Ascolana, Panzerottini, Scalloped potatoes and Sicilian Arancini Prepared in the oven in just 10 minutes, to provide a warm mix of tastes that never tires.

Stuffed Ascolan Olives

The Ascolan Olives Soavegel are an excellent main course and are ideal with an aperitif or in a buffet.

How to prepare:
In the frying pan: heat the oil for a few minutes and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes until golden brown.
In Fryers: heat the oil to 180 degrees and fry for 3-4 minutes until golden brown.

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Pancakes Cheese and Ham

500 gr of Ham and Cheese Soavelli;
grated Parmesan cheese;
Our chef recommends cooking in these two different ways: Cook in a preheated oven (200 ° C) for 15 minutes with a knob of butter then flavour with Parmesan cheese, or bake with bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese.
Fry over a medium heat for about 3 minutes on each side with a knob of butter and sprinkle, with a handful of parmesan cheese.

Artichoke pie with Soavegel pastry base

Serves 6

500 g of Soavegel frozen puff pastry;
5/6 artichokes; 3 eggs; 10 cheese slices; mint:
capers; pepper; margarine.

Slice the artichokes and put them to cook for 15/20 minutes with oil, pepper, mint, capers and salt. After it is thawed, roll out the dough in a baking pan previously greased with margarine. Roll out dough on a layer of cheese slices, add the artichokes and cover with the remaining cheese slices. Beat the eggs with a little ‘salt and pour it over  the layer of cheese slices. Bake in a moderate oven (180 ° C) for about 30 minutes until the surface is golden.

Tutto Food 2015

Soavegel attends “Tutto Food” in Milan

Soavegel is proud to invite everyone to the next edition of Tutto Food to be held in Milan from 3 to 6 May 2015.

The Salone Milan agribusiness is full of exhibitors and space is sold out: 180 thousand square metres distributed over 10 pavilions, 4 more than in 2013.

Companies will be about 2,500, from all parts of the chain.

We are waiting!

Anuga 2015

Soavegel gives appointment to all the next edition of ANUGA to be held in Cologne October 10 to 14, 2015.

The food fair, a worldwide leader in the retail and catering, has made full of exhibitors: once again, around 6,800 exhibitors from around 100 countries are expected at the fair. Anuga covers the entire exhibition center in Cologne, ie 284,000 m² of exhibition space.

We look forward to many delicious stuff!

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The Speciality Food Festival


Soavegel exhibited at “The Speciality Food Festival” in Dubai October 27 to 29, 2015.

Now in its fifth edition, “The Speciality Food Festival” is now one of the most interesting events in the world for food.

We look forward to many delicious stuff!

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