Breaded fillets of anchovies

Soavegel Alici Panate surgelate

Soavegel presents tasty breaded fillets of anchovies.

For its breaded anchovies, Soavegel selects the best, fished from the Mediterranean Sea;

They are enhanced with a light layer of breadcrumbs, to give them a crispy golden brown and , to bring out the unique taste of oily fish from our seas.

Soavegel breaded anchovies, pre-fried and quick-frozen in Soavegel’s plants, are ideal to satisfy tastes and needs of the modern consumer, always looking for “ready-to-use” products.

Breaded anchovies belong to the new line “Al Volo” of Soavegel.


Cooking Tips

Soavegel breaded anchovies can be enjoyed after a short cooking time. They need only 6 minutes in the oven (200°), or 2 minutes in Microwave 900W, or 5-6 minutes in a pan turning them over halfway through cooking.

Breaded and frozen anchovies are rich in Omega 3and represent big news in the Frozen Food industry.

A new product created to satisfy the tastes of modern consumers, always looking for high quality products, and for more practical and healthy cuisine.

Tasty and inviting, they are ideal for any kind of occasion, either as a starter or main course.