PON “Imprese e Competitività” 2014-2020

Internationalization voucher

Purpose: The intervention consists of a grant fund in the form of vouchers, in favor of all those SMEs that want to look at markets across the border through a specialized figure (the so-called Temporary Export Manager or TEM) able to study, design and manage processes and programs on foreign markets.

Objectives: Advisory support in identifying potential industrial and / or commercial partners and in identifying / acquiring new customers: target market will be Canada, USA, European Union, Australia, South Korea and Japan. The activity will be aimed at identifying / acquiring new customers in the field of food distribution of frozen products for quality catering.

Support financed by the European Union: € 13,000

Digitalization voucher

Purpose: The Digitization voucher It is a facilitating measure for micro, small and medium-sized companies that provides a contribution, through the granting of a “voucher”, for an amount not exceeding 10 thousand euros, aimed at the adoption of digitalization interventions of business processes and technological modernization.

Objective: The planned intervention is aimed at supporting the purchase of software, hardware or services that allow: a) the improvement of company efficiency; b) the modernization of the organization of work, such as to favor the use of technological tools and forms of flexibility, including teleworking; c) the development of e-commerce solutions; d) broadband and ultra-broadband connectivity; e) connection to the Internet via satellite technology, through the purchase and activation of decoders and satellite dishes, in areas where the geomorphological conditions do not allow access to adequate solutions through terrestrial networks or where infrastructural interventions are poorly sustainable economically or not achievable; f) the qualified training, in the ICT field, of the personnel of the aforesaid small and medium enterprises.

The amount of the project is € 25,609.00