80 Years of History

Soavegel 80 Years of History

Soavegel History.
The historic brand Soave was launched in 1935 . The company was founded by Mr. Domenico Bianco, who began as a pasta maker (pastaio), opening the first manufacturing plant in Francavilla Fontana, Southern Italy. In the following years and up until 1970, thanks to the careful selection of quality ingredients, we saw a great increase in demand. This was supported by our factories in Rome and Taranto .

In 1975 his son Leonardo, who took the reins of the company from his father, began a significant expansion of the business. It was a time to celebrate the renaissance of “smart food”, with continuous research in the field of frozen foods.

Major investments have been made in our manufacturing plants, aimed at improving technology and quality. Allowing us to increase our range of speciality frozen food products, inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.

Nowadays, the whole Bianco family is engaged in the operational management of the company, combining the highly automated technology of plants with their long experience in direct management. The Bianco family have always been characterized by a strong entrepreneurial attitude. Over the years they have been able to perceive the market changes, increasing and introducing the brand Soavegel, both in the national and international market.