Great success for Soavegel at Tutto Food 2017

The Exhibition “Tutto Food 2017” took place in Milan from 8 to 11 May. Even
this year, Soavegel attended with a particular booth at Hall 1.

The booth represented Soavegel’s philosophy: the tradition. In the booth,
Soavegel recreated a small Italian village with typical lighting, music and
the famous “Ape Hour”, the Soavegel Ape-car used for cooking and
distributing food.

The 2017 edition of Tutto Food has seen an increase in both Italian and
international exhibitors. A great success if we consider it is just the
fifth edition. Thanks to this increase, Soavegel has doubled its contacts,
especially abroad.

“This 2017 edition has fully satisfied us” said Managing Director Massimo
Bianco. “We met interesting international business realities and it was
gratifying to record such a wide interest especially from Asian countries,
our important goal”. Comprising the internationality of the city of Milan,
Soavegel was able to reunite and strengthen existing contacts thanks to
recent foreign exhibitions: Foodex in Tokyo and PLMA in Chicago.

Among the novelties presented, the “Alici Panate” (Breaded Anchovies) and
“Panzerottini Integrali (Wholemeal weat Panzerottini) tomato and mozzarella”
was very much appreciated. “The key to success is the genuineness of the
product” – still confesses the A.D., Massimo Bianco – “The anchovies are
caught in the Mediterranean Sea, we do not handle the breeding fish. The
Panzerottini Integrali, on the other hand, represent a tasty revision of the
typical Italian product, the Panzerotto with tomato and mozzarella, more
healthy because they are made from whole wheat flour”.

The next appointment to enjoy the Soavegel Brewery will be at the PLMA in
Amsterdam on 16 and 17 May, at the RAI Congress Center.

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Soavegel arrives in Greece

Soavegel produced its first Greek private label, thanks to an agreement with the Market-in Group. Market-in is among the 10 groups of larger supermarkets in Greece, in fact, now it has 180 outlets.
Finally the Greeks consumers will find “Soavelli”: delicious breaded crepes with tomatoes and mozzarella; ham and cheese and cheese and mozzarella.

For over 30 years Soavegel is in the Frozen Italian market. In order to place always more in the International Market, the factory is increasing year by year its exports which now involve South Korea, Macedonia, France, Egypt, Serbia.

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Marca 2017: great success for our products

Marca 2017: great success for our products

Marca 2017 – International Exhibition of “Private Label” in Bologna. January
18 to 19.

During the 2017 edition of the Marca in Bologna, we decided to recreate a
real typical village of Puglia. Not only in the flavors of our cuisine, but
also in the booth equipment.

Our aim was to give to our visitors an imaginary journey to discover the
traditions and festivities of a typical Apulian village with lots of lights
and outdoor seating.

We are very happy for the result and for the appreciation received from
simple visitors and from professionals one.

The King of our stand was definitely the “Ape Hour”, a typical means of
transport of Apulian countrymen, that we have transformed in a small kitchen
for a gourmet Street Food.

Breaded fillets of anchovies

Soavegel Alici Panate surgelate

Soavegel presents tasty breaded fillets of anchovies.

For its breaded anchovies, Soavegel selects the best, fished from the Mediterranean Sea;

They are enhanced with a light layer of breadcrumbs, to give them a crispy golden brown and , to bring out the unique taste of oily fish from our seas.

Soavegel breaded anchovies, pre-fried and quick-frozen in Soavegel’s plants, are ideal to satisfy tastes and needs of the modern consumer, always looking for “ready-to-use” products.

Breaded anchovies belong to the new line “Al Volo” of Soavegel.


Cooking Tips

Soavegel breaded anchovies can be enjoyed after a short cooking time. They need only 6 minutes in the oven (200°), or 2 minutes in Microwave 900W, or 5-6 minutes in a pan turning them over halfway through cooking.

Breaded and frozen anchovies are rich in Omega 3and represent big news in the Frozen Food industry.

A new product created to satisfy the tastes of modern consumers, always looking for high quality products, and for more practical and healthy cuisine.

Tasty and inviting, they are ideal for any kind of occasion, either as a starter or main course.

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Happy Hours

With the Happy Mix, it presents the new line of tasty Snack Baked, protagonists of each drink and happy hour.

A Mix of Mozzarella in Carrozza, Olive all’Ascolana, Panzerottini, Scalloped potatoes and Sicilian Arancini Prepared in the oven in just 10 minutes, to provide a warm mix of tastes that never tires.

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Welcome Tiropita

With Tiropita, Soavegel brings to the table the traditional flavor of Greek cuisine.

The Soavegel finger food snacks range has increased, with soft half moons of puff pastry, filled with Greek Feta P.D.O., cheese with a white colour, a solid but crumbly consistency and a typical fresh salty flavour.

Tiropita flavour of Greece.. summer at first taste!

Happy Mix: “Buon Aperitivo” to all!

HappyMix presents the new line of fanciful baked Snacks , playing a starring role in every Aperitivo!

A mix of Mozzarella in Carrozza , Olive all’Ascolana , Panzerottini , Tortino and Sicilian Arancini ready in the oven in just 10 minutes , to provide a warm mix of flavours that you can never get enough of.

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Al volo: New Italian frozen food

surgelati soavegel


New Italian Frozen Food

Discover the new line of Specialties “Al Volo”.

Ready in a flash, a rich and complete range to revive the refrigerated section.

Convenient and handy, precooked products, ready in a few minutes in the oven, pan or microwave.
Soavegel : “taste and service for the consumption evolution”.

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Solidarity Easter

Soavegel, in cooperation with New Basket Brindisi, promotes the campaign “Solidarity Easter”: make your donation to the Department of Medical Oncology “Antonio Perrino” Brindisi at NEW STORE BASKET in Corso Garibaldi, 29 in Brindisi and you will receive the Easter Egg of solidarity.

Help us to help!

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