Welcome Tiropita

With Tiropita, Soavegel brings to the table the traditional flavor of Greek cuisine.

The Soavegel finger food snacks range has increased, with soft half moons of puff pastry, filled with Greek Feta P.D.O., cheese with a white colour, a solid but crumbly consistency and a typical fresh salty flavour.

Tiropita flavour of Greece.. summer at first taste!

Happy Mix: “Buon Aperitivo” to all!

HappyMix presents the new line of fanciful baked Snacks , playing a starring role in every Aperitivo!

A mix of Mozzarella in Carrozza , Olive all’Ascolana , Panzerottini , Tortino and Sicilian Arancini ready in the oven in just 10 minutes , to provide a warm mix of flavours that you can never get enough of.