marca 2017

Marca 2017: great success for our products

Marca 2017: great success for our products

Marca 2017 – International Exhibition of “Private Label” in Bologna. January
18 to 19.

During the 2017 edition of the Marca in Bologna, we decided to recreate a
real typical village of Puglia. Not only in the flavors of our cuisine, but
also in the booth equipment.

Our aim was to give to our visitors an imaginary journey to discover the
traditions and festivities of a typical Apulian village with lots of lights
and outdoor seating.

We are very happy for the result and for the appreciation received from
simple visitors and from professionals one.

The King of our stand was definitely the “Ape Hour”, a typical means of
transport of Apulian countrymen, that we have transformed in a small kitchen
for a gourmet Street Food.